I get asked all the time why I start work so late. I usually take my first client at 2pm. Why? Because I love a leisurely morning to myself!!! And I swear it makes all the difference in our sessions! I take care of myself first and then come in to take great care of lovely, wonderful YOU!
My Morning Ritual
I get asked all the time why I start work so late.  I usually take my first client at 2pm.  Why?  Because I love a leisurely morning to myself!!! And I swear it makes all the difference in our sessions! I take care of myself first and then come in to take great care of lovely, wonderful YOU!

Below is what I do to ensure I’m at optimal health and fully present for ya!  I tried to link up as many articles stating all the health benefits of each of the listed items.  For the most part, I use high-grade Thorne supplements – the same ones I carry in the office for you.

1.  When I can, I do not wake up to an alarm clock.  I prefer a more subtle, gradual start to the day.  Plus, I looove me some 9 hours of sleeps!  I realize I have the luxury of creating my own work start time, which enables me to do this and that this may not be a practical option for you.  If it is an option for ya, however, I so highly recommend it!  Alarm clocks can be so shocking, dontcha think?

2.  My alarm clock is soothing music.  When I do set an alarm, it’s music by Ravi Shankar.  Totally soothing, yet inspiring.  I almost always wake up to this, however, there are days I need to switch to some dance music to actually get me outta bed 🙂

3.  5 minutes of gratitude before getting out of bed!  I set my timer for 5 minutes and mentally list and physically experience reasons why I’m grateful first thing when I wake up.  Before I get out of bed.  Before all my other thoughts start flooding my brain.  They say the first five minutes of the day influence the entire day.

4.  Oil-pulling!  This is fairly new for me and I’m totally loving it!  Ayurvedic and awesome.  I swish a tablespoon of coconut oil in my mouth for 20 minutes (while I dance around, clean up, wash my face, get dressed, etc.), then spit it out in the toilet.  Gargle & rinse with warm salt water and then brush my teeth after.

5.  Neti Pot.  Another Aryuvedic remedy I’m way loving!  Has helped me tremendously with my allergies and the dark under-eye circles I tend to get.  Not to mention it helps me feel awake and alert! I use pink Himalayan sea-salt and turmeric.

6.  Morning elixirs:
1 cup of hot lemon water to work synchronistically with what my body is already doing at that hour-detoxing.
I mix 1 scoop Green Vibrance, 1 table spoon Maca Root powder , 1 scoop L-glutamine powder, & Vitamin D liquid, with water and take my probiotics, and vitamin B supplements with it.
1 tablespoon of coconut oil to regulate my blood sugar for the day.

7. Exercise!  Some days it’s just 20 minutes of cardio, other days, it’s just weights and stretches.  As long as I’m getting some movement in, I’m good!  Forms of exercise I love and prioritize at least once each week are boxing and pilates!  Love love loooove boxing! And my body does, too!  I love pilates because it’s so gentle and subtle, yet so effective!  And it keeps me mindful of being grounded in my core throughout the day.
8. I dry skin brush before showering.  Another aryuvedic remedy I’m totes digging!  Lotsa information on it’s health benefits, but I love it because it makes my skin feel so soft!  Pet me next time you see me, okay?

9.  Meditation Nation!!!  After I’m done with all the more active self-care stuffs and just before I’m about to answer some emails or head to work I take a moment to reconnect with my highest self and set an intention for the day.  While I prefer to dedicate 20-60 minutes to meditation, that’s not always the case.  Still, I meditate daily.  Even 5-10 minutes goes a long way.  I turn all music and devices off.  I have a special space for it.  I always start by lighting a candle and incense and then I go inward.  It’s the best!  Often a favorite part of my day!  It’s a habit I’ve had for 16 years now and it continues to take me to new depths of myself.

All in all, this morning ritual takes about 2-3 hours (depending on how much exercise and meditation I get in).  I intentionally set aside 3 hours each morning so I can get to it all… which is why I roll into work in the afternoon with the biggest smile on my face 🙂  It matters to me.  What is it that you do that makes all the difference in your day?  Do you do any of the above mentioned rituals?  Got any fave morning rituals to share with us?  I’d love to read about it in the comments below!

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