Ever notice how excited I get when you walk in and tell me everything is falling apart? I’ve even exclaimed, “Yes! This is fantastic news!” Why? Lemme tell ya!
Kaboom! Why destruction is a Positive Thing!

Ever notice how excited I get when you walk in and tell me everything is falling apart?  I’ve even exclaimed, “Yes! This is fantastic news!”  Why?  Lemme tell ya!

You’ve been working on yourself, doing all you can to manifest your dream self and your dream life, yeah?  We’re talking weekly sessions with me, daily affirmations, commitment to goals, and much more.  Some major work!!!

You have been workin it because you’ve had it.  Frustrated with your job, your relationship, your health, whatever it may be.  So you’re doing your best to make some powerful changes.

Knowing it all begins with you – thoughts, self-talk, self-love and commitment to SELF, the focus has been on YOU for once, and not on your situation.  Hooray!  Instead of asking your partner to change, or hoping people at work will magically change over night, you’re changing yourself.

With self growth, life’s a bit easier, more peaceful and we’re like, “Hmm, there IS something to this self-love/inner-peace stuff!”

Then, KABOOM! Plans fall through, unexpected expenses arise, relationship drama, work drama, all sortsa unforeseen chaos.  This is destruction energy.  We need it to create our dream lives.

The ever-lovely Marilyn Monroe once said, “Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.”  She knew.

It’s a law of physics: energy cannot be created nor destroyed.  Remember?  In order to free up energy to manifest (create) our dreams, we gotta release (destroy) energy from our past.

We gotta break up with our old selves.  And this tends to look like destruction energy: accidents, lost wallets and phones, friendship fall-outs, break-ups, getting laid off.  We cannot create unless we destroy.  Every act of creation is first an act of destruction.

So, if you’re working on creating some shifts in your life and suddenly things fall apart, take it as a sign that you are on the right track!   Take it as a sign that your internal environment has shifted SO much that it’s now being reflected in your external environment.  YOU ARE POWERFUL.

Think back to when major events happened in your life.  Did chaos arise right before your last career advancement?  Or right before you last fell in love?

I’ve gotten so used to this part of the cycle of life that I actually get excited when I don’t get what I think I want and things are seemingly falling apart.

Right before I started acupuncture school (one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself!) I managed to rack up $5,000 in unexpected expenses – from medical bills to traffic violations.  I knew it meant being an acupuncturist was about to Rock. My. World. So I thanked all the expenses for reflecting my growth.

See, the destruction helps us let go of our past state of consciousness.  It’s a vulnerable, humbling feeling.  This humility allows us to ACCEPT AND RECEIVE the wonderful things we are creating for ourselves.  If we know it all and are “full” of ourselves, how are we gonna let in anything new?  There’s simply no room.  Gotta empty to refill.  <- A little abbreviated Sufism for ya.

Take destruction as a good sign that you’re letting go of your past.  Often, you’re literally letting go of a past relationship, past income source or past consciousness. You’re opening yourself up to EXPANSION, to a whole new way of thinking, being and living.  It’s magnificent!!!

When things fall apart, smile to yourself and commend yourself on your hard work.  Acknowledge it as a sign of good to come.

I suggest keeping a little destruction energy going at all times – continually empty yourself to make space for the new.  I am constantly throwing out stuff that no longer serves me.  Constantly reevaluating relationships and allowing those that are not in alignment with my highest self to fade out. This helps moderate the intensity of the destruction, so my creations happen more gracefully these days.

It’s a major declaration in admitting we don’t always know what’s best for us, we don’t always have the answers.  It’s humbling, and humbling is inviting.  Try throwing out some stuff (or relationships!), see what happens!  If you’re going through a destruction period, try listening to the guided visualization and see if it helps.  Lemme know how it goes in the comments section, k?  And if you are at the creation phase and vividly remember the destruction it took to get here, please share your story in the comments section!  So inspiring!

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