5 Tips to Start Loving Right Now!

Posted on: Mar 07, 2017

Some of us are waiting to be our best, most enlightened selves so that we can, then, save the world. Once we have achieved our perfect careers, attained financial abundance, started our families, traveled the world, and found our soul mates, we will finally be ready to tackle the issues that pull at our heart strings.

But what if I told you that doing more for others could actually *enhance* your productivity rather than harm it, and could somehow make your life less chaotic even when it seems like you’re spinning faster than the Milky Way?

One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned is that being of service to others is the best way to be of service to ourselves. We may not feel like we have the “time” or the “money” to start our dream charity, be the most badass activist, or be the world’s best philanthropist, however there are some simple things we can do to stop waiting and start the momentum for change RIGHT NOW. By being PRESENT, CONNECTED, NOURISHED, and FOCUSED, we can create a culture where we are all valued and loved right in this moment.

Give your full self to everyone: Ever feel like you’re living in a mask and hiding your feelings for fear of falling apart? Sharing our most authentic, real, and vulnerable selves with others is one of the best ways to create a culture of healing and compassion. It’s amazing what a difference it can make in your life to feel seen and heard for who you truly are. Opening our hearts to those around us can shift the collective consciousness and vastly alleviate suffering.

Let go of perfection: It’s easy to shut out the things that matter most to us when we are so focused on being perfect at the things that don’t matter to us. It sounds ridiculous, yet so many of us do this! It’s acceptable, and even preferred, to do things well without obsessing over the outcome and trying to control every detail. If we relax and allow things to flow without focusing on unrealistic ideas of perfection or beauty or success, we will have an abundance of emotional energy to devote to what we truly LOVE!

Choose your time wisely: If you are not completely in love with something, don’t do it. It’s really that simple. Of course some of us have jobs that are less than preferable and obligations to tend to, however saying NO more often can do wonders for enabling us to manage our busy lives and still have the capacity to nourish and shine. Needing a nap instead of a networking meeting? Honor your needs and do right by your soul.

Allow more space for friends and family: These are the people that truly make us and form us. Of course, toxic friends and family are not invited to this party, however the ones that lift us up deserve to be treated like goddesses and gods! The friends and family we truly LOVE have a unique ability to reconnect us with our purpose and align our past, present, and future selves unlike anything else. They hold keys that unlock specific pieces of ourselves that nobody else knows about, and by connecting with them we are catapulted forward on our life’s mission.

Make a game plan: If you want to operate from a place of freedom in ALL areas – health, finances, career, education, family/friends – AND save the world, you’re going to need a serious game plan. Simple things like making daily, weekly, and monthly commitments to yourself can help you prioritize your needs and visions. These commitments can be as simple as date nights or phone calls, or can be as large as writing your first book, starting a company, or going back to school! That way, all your goals are in motion, and giving back won’t seem like such a drag!

These microcosmic ways of changing how we interact with the world – to be less guarded, more tender, and more fiercely committed to love and light – will allow us to BE the change, right in this very moment. 

Got any ideas for how to make space for healing, connection, and giving back? Please write us below!

In love and tenderness,