Your Own Personal Spring

Posted on: Mar 21, 2017

What is it about the first day of spring? Not the official first day, but that day when you suddenly notice that spring is on its way. It’s that day when, for the first time in a long time, you walk outside and something catches your attention – maybe it’s a smell, or the way the light looks on your evening commute, or a tiny crocus peeking out of the dirt.

Spring presents itself to you, and you can’t turn back. Your senses are opened, and you begin perceiving signs of the season’s change. Something shifts in your very being. You feel a tickle, a surge of energy. You take a big deep breath.

It’s powerful, refreshing, and invigorating, right? Well what if you didn’t have to rely on spring to surprise you with such an experience? What if you could conjure up such an experience on your own?

I’ve been hearing a lot of hesitation about taking chances lately, even the tiniest of chances. Fears of taking risks, of stepping out of one’s comfort zone. The desire to have some sort of guarantee or reassurance before taking a small step, whether forward, sideways, or in a slightly new direction.

When we give into this fear, we hold on too tightly. We clench up and make it hard for the universe to run its energy through us and provide us with what we desire. We unintentionally engage in self-sabotage. We become like a tree that refuses to bend with the wind, leaving us with only one option: to topple over.   

If only spring would show us a sign and give us that extra push to shake things up, remind us that the only constant is change, and give us the confidence to take a chance. So, rather than waiting – why not be your own spring?! 

When we open up ourselves to new perspectives, we let our curiosity take us on a journey, and we tap into our intuition—our highest selves. We become stimulated, and we suddenly see things we never knew existed even if they were in our own backyards, just around the corner, or right beneath our noses.

But what if we’re too busy to step out of our routines to take a different route to work, do that guided meditation, or stop for a moment to listen to those musicians? 

Consider this: if you knew that making time to show your loved ones a new perspective would cause them to spread their wings wider, grow taller, or become more confident, more loving, and more successful, would you find the time to help them? Would you take a moment to let them stand on your shoulders to see further? I bet you would.

And if we would do it for someone we love, then why not do it for ourselves? Think of it as an expression self-care, self-advocacy, and self-love.

Don’t we owe it to ourselves, to our loved ones, to the universe, to be as fully realized as we can be?

Got any ideas for how to be your own personal spring? Comment below!

Love and light,