The LOVE Chakra! How to Move From Competition to Compassion

Posted on: Mar 20, 2015

At the center of your chest, your green Fourth Chakra is all about L O V E!  It’s the feeling of unity, compassion, self-love, love for others, feeling deeply connected to ones self and to life.  It commands the heart and lungs, so it navigates respiration.  To in*spire is to be In*Spirit, where all there is the vibration of love.   Where we are all connected, inter-dependent and my joy is your joy an your joy is my joy.  Our heart chakra helps us breath love and life in and helps us tap into our own divinity.

When in balance, we’ll feel joy for other people’s successes.  We’ll feel connected to them as though they are our own.  Our bestie tells us they got the part and we’re jumping up and down thrilled for them.  Mom says she’s happier than ever and we could cry we’re so grateful.  Unity and compassion.  Samsies for the other side of the coin – your brother’s heartbreak feels like it’s happening inside your chest!  There’s a war going on across the globe and you’re feeling it as if it’s happening in your very home.  We are all connected and it’s the Love Chakra that helps us receive and emit information about this connection.

If out of balance, then life can get either a)disconnected or b)a little competitive;

a)    Your bestie’s wedding and you’re feeling, eh.  I mean, they make a perfect couple and all.  It’s only practical they get married, I guess.  Not crying tears of joy, here.  Not entirely sure what the big deal is, people get married every day.

Or how about, “I know I have a lot to be grateful for but I’m just not excited about any of it.”  Almost as though watching one’s own life and not really being IN it.  Disconnected.

Connection within, that will help connect us to life and all the beauty she has to offer us.  Stopping to smell the roses gets even more fragrant, colorful, and fulfilling when connected.  It’s an experience that can be somewhat consuming!  When the Heart Chakra stagnates, smelling the roses can feel like auto-pilot – not that rich of an experience, as we won’t be allowing all of it in to deeply connect with us.

b)    Your bestie’s wedding and all you’re thinking is, “Well, my wedding was far better.”  Competitive, much? That’s a stagnant Love Chakra.  Jealousy only exists when we are denying the love that surrounds us – a stagnant Heart Chakra will do that.  It’s entire job is to allow the love in and allow the love to flow from us.

“How come they get to look that great?”  “Not fair he got the promotion and I didn’t.”  “I’m so jealous of all the traveling they’re doing.”

Comparing and competing with others separates us from them.  It separates us from the love that connects us to them.  It separates us from all the good life has to offer.  It reinforces our more analytical mind that likes to classify thing and assign value to everything.  This makes for a pretty lonely life experience.

Tapping into our Love Chakra will reinforce the true essence of our being.  We’re all made of the same atoms and molecules (stardust :)) and when our Love Chakra is healthy, we feel and acknowledge this.  We recognize one another as beaming divine expressions of life, just as we recognize ourselves as just that.

When we are tapped into love consciousness and our own divinity, the desire to compare and compete diminishes.   

So, let’s get to spinning that Love Chakra, shall we?

To activate this chakra, put your hands on your heart, close your eyes and think of all the people you LOVE.  All of everyone you feel grateful for.  Imagine them all smiling back at you.  Imagine each of them hugging you, holding you.  Take all the LOVE IN.  Can you feel your heart growing and opening?  Hold this for a few moments and just bask in healing vibrations LOVE has to offer ya!

If comparison and judging others is your game, try getting on the unity train by noticing all that you have in common with others.  Start with the obvious.  We both live in same city.  We’re the same gender.  We both like Thai food.  We both ride bikes.  Try this out when you’re feeling inclined to judge someone. It’ll bridge the gap and help you feel connected to them …and to yourSELF.  Simply focus on the similarities and the differences and competition will naturally fade away.

If this chakra has been a bit closed or stagnant, this may feel uncomfy at first.  I encourage you to go with it!  Remember to imagine your green Heart Chakra spinning as you do either of the above exercise.  Try them out and let me know what you experience in the comments below!

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field. I’ll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass,
the world is too full to talk about.
Ideas, language, even the phrase “each other” doesn’t make any sense.


I love meeting you there!  ONE LOVE.