NYC is like a mega 3rd Chakra. On steroids. And Adderall. And maybe some cocaine from time to time? For serious. Wanna know the mantra for the third chakra, “I will.” It’s all about willpower, motivation and drive! “I will” get that job. “I will” get that girl.
N Y C h a k r a
Oh man, I know all my NYC loves will feel me on this one! I’m calling the Third Chakra the NYC Chakra!

NYC is like a mega 3rd Chakra. On steroids. And Adderall. And maybe some cocaine from time to time? For serious. Wanna know the mantra for the third chakra, “I will.” It’s all about willpower, motivation and drive! “I will” get that job. “I will” get that girl. “I will” get that bonus. I think Daft Punk’s “Harder Better Faster Stronger,” is an appropriate theme song for us Third Chakra/NYC residents – only maybes turned up to turbo speed!

Information stored in our NYC chakra has to do with our career space, home space, our health, digestion, and body image. Located just above your belly – button at your solar plexus is this yellow spinning energy vortex. It’s a motherlovin powerhouse of a chakra! For realsises, it fuels all the other chakras! It helps us keep energized and ready to take on the world. If you’re ever feeling lethargic or apathetic, try spinning your third out and experience the difference! Conversely, if you’re ever feeling like you gotta sloooowww it doowwwwn, like you wanna stretch out time, try turning your third down and enjoy a nice relaxing, nourishing deep belly-breath. Def spin this powerhouse before working out or while goal-setting so you can tap into your own inner Tony Robbins!

What I tend to notice a lot is that this chakra is either on overdrive or under-drive. <- Kind of a theme for all the chakras, huh? I believe culturally, we’ve over-glorified career advances, status, money, fitness and all the other fun stuff that the third chakra does for us. Thus, will-power has become an extra-charged topic and so most of us will have an extra strong response to it one way or the other. It’s a collective thing that is affecting us each as individuals. “Better Stronger Faster Harder” phenomenon.   Most of us tend to be totes on board with this and super excited and pumped by it OR totally discouraged and repelled by even the notion of goals or self-improvement. Allow me to elaborate:

A)   Rawrrr – Life is MINE!!!

Eh, hem, overactive 3rd Chakra, much? (Medicine cabinet full of diet pills and other such stimulants?)

An overactive NYC Chakra will sooo help ya in your career space and with accomplishing goals. Yes!

Thing is, that not ALL of life is about goals. Relationships, for example, aren’t necessarily goals and break-ups aren’t necessarily failures.

Another thing is that sometimes the goals we set for ourselves aren’t for our highest good so life interferes with them. Should our 3rd Chakras be overactive, this could feel devastating, frustrating , consuming and other heavy road-block-feeling-ickies.

I see a lot of people trying to will stuff into existence – like relationships. And then getting majorly bummed when they can’t (cuz relationships are best when co-created through love and not willed into existence, but we’ll get into that with the 4th/Love Chakra).

Healthy competition in the work place or with sports is one thing, but too much competition and we tend to isolate ourselves. The saying, “it gets lonely at the top,” I believe only applies to people who will themselves to the top.

Will-power IS awesome when in balance. When there’s also room for flow, grace, and co-creating with others or the universe. Too much of it and it could disconnect us from love, relationships, spiritual actualization and the simple nature of things. Can also turn against us so we’re mega competing with ourselves… to the point of pretty much hating ourselves and not even acknowledging our own accomplishments. Just wanting more and more so we feel inadequate even when successful.

If your third is running the show, try slowing it down, turning it down a notch and turning the rest of your chakras up a bit. Try taking a break from goals! (Gasp!) Vacation nation! Work cleanse. Internet cleanse. Go out and commune with nature, it’ll help balance ya out! The seasons always change even when Mama Earth’s NYC Chakra is in balance! Hint, we can still be just as productive when in balance!

B)   An under-active or unexpressed third chakra tends manifest as lack of worthiness. Like, “wealth is for everyone but me.” It can be belittling and discouraging.  “I’ll never loose this weight so why even try?” “Everything is so hard and requires so much energy.” Would you rather be handed money rather than work for it? Would you prefer to be miraculously given a raise rather than taking the initiative and requesting it? If you’re feeling me on these experiences, chances are your NYC Chakra is sluggish. Which is extra super un-natural for this chakra, so it may take a bit of yes, EFFORT, to get it back to health. Good news is that it’s the Effort Chakra, and so the more you put in the more you get back!

If this is more you, I’d suggest setting small, doable goals to change your relationship with goal-setting. Set goals that are focused on your effort and not the outcome, like working out three times a week rather than loosing 2 pounds each week. Or making art a few hours each week, rather than creating an art piece each week. Catching my drift? Small, reasonable short-term goals that you praise yourself for when accomplishing them.

Because it’s the digestion Chakra, a great probiotic will also help ya unslug. There are now tons of studies that show how a healthy gut leads to a healthy mind. Probiotics will help us clean up our digestive tracts so we can get out of our own ways and get moving forward! I carry Thorne Research supplements at my office because a high quality one counts.

Cardiovascular EXERCISE!!! It will regulate energy levels/your 3rd Chakra! Try spinning out your NYC Chakra while exercising and whoo-hoo-hoooo, enjoy the high! Just 20 minutes of aerobic activity a few times each week does us wonders! As mentioned, start small. Try for once each week to begin with and move up to twice each week when you feel ready to.

A favorite 3rd Chakra exercise of mine that I’ve mentioned repeatedly in my blogs and sessions is the Success Journal! This is a gem for all of us! At the end of the day, simply write down your successes. Easy! I try to list at least 5 each day. They can range from brushing your teeth to mountain climbing to having a difficult conversation to taking the stairs instead of the elevator to whatever you wish! Your life, you getta choose what a success is to you! Keeping an on-going list of daily successes is super gratifying and rather calming. Helps keep our NYC Chakra off the steroids. Try it out and lemme know how it goes in the comments below!

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