Likely the most common chakra I get asked about. What is the Third Eye? Is it the Third Eye Chakra the only chakra that accesses intuition? What’s so special about this mystical energy vortex, anyway? Do I have answers for you!
Likely the most common chakra I get asked about.  What is the Third Eye?  Is it the Third Eye Chakra the only chakra that accesses intuition?  What’s so special about this mystical energy vortex, anyway?  Do I have answers for you!

The 6th Chakra is more commonly known as the Third Eye.  It’s associated with the color indigo and with intuition.  The thing is, ALL of the 7 major chakras are energy vortexes that are both emitting and receiving energetic information all day long, meaning all the chakras are intuition portals.  What’s so special about the Third Eye Chakra, is that the intuition comes in the form of images, rather than gut feelings (2nd Chakra) or other physiological sensations that correlate with other chakras.

This is the very chakra I receive intuitive messages through and the chakra I teach my NuIT students reside from and interpret energy from.  Why?  Because images can be pretty obvious to interpret, relative to feelings.  Sometimes feelings aren’t facts.  With clairvoyance (clear – vision) as a means of translating energy (which is all intuition is, it’s the ability to interpret energy and decipher messages from our energetic surroundings) it’s a lot easier to decipher one image from the next.  Red is red and blue is blue.  Did you know that excitement has a similar physiological affect as anxiety?  <– That would be kind of hard to read messages through, yeah?  It’s why I stick to my 6th Chakra and interpret images rather than feelings.

Another reason this is known as THE intuition chakra is because it’s a suuuuper neutral chakra.  Neutrality enables us to read energy exactly as it is.  Void of judgment.  When I’m in my clairvoyance space/Third Eye Chakra, it’s almost like I have no judgments or opinions at all!  I tell you, I’ve seen violence, homicide, substance abuse, infidelity, all sorts of experiences that would normally trigger some sort of feeling or reaction in me, but from my Third Eye, I just see it as energy in motion.  Nothing’s good and nothing’s bad.  This chakra is so neutral and has no agenda for energy.  It simply sees it as it is.

We are brought up to have all sorts of opinions on things – from eating organic, to violence, to what friendship is, to basically everything.   While that’s all fine and often unifies us in the human experience, it’s kind of all made up!  We’ve assigned value to EVERYTHING!  Happiness is good.  Sadness is bad.  Break-ups and divorces are bad.  My doggy dying is clearly horrible.  Winning money is wonderful.  Know how I see all these events when I’m in my Third Eyes?  As just events.  That’s it.  Happiness is happiness.  Sadness is sadness.  There are no overlapping ideas or beliefs, no charges or triggers, and definitely no attachment to outcome!

Wanting things to be one way or another is the easiest way to give your intuition the finger.  And the most common way I observe clients shutting down their intuition.  It just suppresses the intuitive muscle and never allows it to develop.  We’d walk around seeing only what we want and then getting pissed when the reality of the matter slaps us in the face.   As delusional as it may sound, it’s so the norm these days.

And it’s easier to spot in others than ourselves 😉 C’mon you know you have that one friend that keeps complaining about their partner that never comes home and thought your friend suspects their partner is cheating on them, they’re still in SHOCK when their suspicions are validated.   This is the most obvious example of seeing what we want, rather than seeing energy as it is.

The best way to cultivate intuition, and access our Third Eye is to:

1.  See things as they are.  Just state the obvious to yourself.  Don’t add value, opinions, judgements, interpretations of what’s going on.  Simply sate the facts.  This helps up your observation game.  Your SEEING game, if you will.  It’ll help build the pathways to your Third Eye.  I’d suggest simply focussing on this for at least 2-4 weeks.  You’d be surprised how challenging it can be!  Try it with the weather this week,  just state whether it’s sunny or cloudy as though they’re both the same, without attachment to either one.  Use that Third Eye so when energy comes in and you just look at it.  A little bit of a judgement/opinion detox for ya!

2. Once we’ve got the Seeing muscle going, the next step to accessing your intuition is interpreting the message behind that unique energy.  Now, why on earth would today be such a cloudy day?  When neutral, the messages flow straight through.  Truth is the messages are always there!  We’d never know with all the judgements and opinions and super loud thoughts we’ve got crowding our Third Eye Chakra! After the detox you’ll be in the perfect space to transcribe what messages energy has for you!

Try tapping above your ears and in-between your eyes to get all your awareness at your Third Eye and then ask the following questions;

“Why does this look like this?”

“What lesson is in this experience for me?”

“What is the purpose of this?”

“Why have I manifested exactly this?  What am I learning from it?”

All you gotta do is ask.  Don’t over think it.  Don’t try answering.  Simply ask your Third Eye.  See if any images come through or if you hear anything or receive the messages through simply knowing.  Just ask and be OPEN to RECEIVING the insight.  It’s soooo basic that most of us uber intelligent peeps tend to over-analyze it and end up complicating it.  This is a practice in INTUITION not intelligence.  And the more you practice it, the easier it gets so keep at it, please!  Lemme know how it goes in the comments below!

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