Weeee, and here we are, the final chakra in this series! The seventh chakra. Your Crown Chakra!!! While all the chakras are components of our energy bodies, this is the most spiritual of them all. It’s a violet cone that actually hovers 1-2 inches right above our heads.
Crown Chakra | Learn How to Self-Actualize With Ease!

Weeee, and here we are, the final chakra in this series!  The seventh chakra.  Your Crown Chakra!!! While all the chakras are components of our energy bodies, this is the most spiritual of them all.  It’s a violet cone that actually hovers 1-2 inches right above our heads.

This is the best quote to sum it up.  It’s our Crown Chakra that knows this and really taps into this consciousness.  Our Crown is our connection to the universe, to our own divinity, to our ancestral wisdom, and all of everything wonderful this expansive world we live in has to offer us.  When spinning, we’re living in alignment with our values and are in integrity with our belief system.  It’s our self-actualization Chakra.

Have you ever had those moments of spontaneous clarity?  An a-ha moment where suddenly everything made sense?  That’s the Crown Chakra communicating with you.  It’s not that you were suddenly hit with all that insight and clarity, it’s that for just a moment, you aligned yourself with it.  “It” is always there.  The universe is always there.  The clarity and miracles are always there.

It is us that forget about this and deny our own divinity.  It’s when we forget that we are the universe that we don’t feel clear on things.  Those extra special (often fleeting) moments where we remember that, is when we have access to the infinite amount of wisdom that IS the universe and it IS YOU!

What I notice a lot is that these extra clear moments will come in, or it may appear like from out of nowhere everything starts falling into place (dream job, dream home, friendships, health, all of it) and while most of us appreciate this, it can also be baffling.  The spontaneity that surrounds the way Crown Chakra insight comes through tends to throw must people off and then we’re back into trying to analyze and rationalize something that just is.

This universe is far too expansive for our human minds to comprehend.  Our spirit knows, however.  Without any explanation necessary.  Your Crown is asking you to surrender to the universe, to your own divinity.  It’s asking you to surrender to that realm of infinite possibilities.  Can you?  Can you honor your own divinity even if you don’t really understand it?

Try it!  Here’s how:

1.  Spin Your Crown!  Just do it.  Imagine a rotating wheel on top of your head.  You may imagine it violet or white- whichever is easiest for you.  Simply imagine it spinning round and round and round.  See if you can feel it’s effects on the rest of your body.  See if you can actually feel the spin on top of your head?  Just do it.  Whether you get it or not, just do it.  Whether you see it, experience the spinning sensation or not, just trust that you’re doing the work and try this out for 5 minutes daily for the next 7 days.

2.  Write down all your values; health, romance, relationships, happiness, wealth, self-care, self-expression, etc..

Then order them from top priority to lowest priority.

Look at your calendar, does it accurately reflect your values?  For example, if health is your number one priority, yet your calendar shows that you’re only working out 1 hour weekly, working a million hours weekly, hardly ever sleeping, then the answer is “no.”  If health is your number one and your calendar shows you working out 5 hours weekly, sleeping 8+ hours weekly, getting regular acupuncture sessions, etc. then the answer would be “yes.”

Just take note of whether or not your schedule reflects your values.  If it doesn’t, simply adjust accordingly.  Changing up a schedule may take a while to integrate.  Figuring out that work-out schedule, scheduling in more friendship time or acupuncture time can take a bit.  That’s okay.  Just get it on the calendar.  Even if it’s next month’s calendar.  Have at least one month of your calendar accurately reflecting your values and lemme know how that feels!  Often times when we do this, all sorts of insight runs through us, getting us even more enthusiastic about life.

3.  Take a moment and write down all the events or manifestations in your life that “just happened” from “out of nowhere.”  Did you suddenly get a job?  Was there a specific moment of clarity you experienced with regards to a relationship or work or something?  Write it down!  Write down any and all miracles you’ve experienced.  Like, by stroke of luck, you suddenly got that job or broke-up when you least expected it and it turned out to be a major life upgrade for you.

First write down all those moments.

Next look for the messages in it.  Can you see how that moment or event was in support of your self-actualization.

Can you really take that moment in?  That is to say, really connect with it so you can trust that there will be plenty more to come.  You don’t need to understand why it happened the way it did or look for supporting evidence of how it came to be.  Just let the experience in and trust that many more  like this can happen too.

If it helps, you can read over these Crown Chakra Actualizations each night to reinforce your Crown and help create more seemingly spontaneous life upgrades for ya!

Lemme know how it goes!

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