Einstein knew his stuff, ya’ll, and his theory of relativity is pretty major. Einstein was the observe that time and space don’t even really exist!! They are constructs of the human mind.
Time & Space, Expansion & Success

“Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute and it feels like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. THAT’s relativity” -Albert Einstein

Einstein knew his stuff, ya’ll, and his theory of relativity is pretty major. Einstein was the observe that time and space don’t even really exist!! They are constructs of the human mind.  Helpful for coordinating events and such.  However, these days, doesn’t it seem like this whole time thing creates a whole lotta rushing?

We rush ourselves to get from Point A to Point B and beyond. With a sense of urgency, we rush to accomplish the next task on our list in hopes of being liberated from the cycle. Liiiiike, if I just hurry through this and get THERE, then I’ll relax and breath. Well, you know what’s waiting for you THERE? More work!   More to do!  So, we are likely to push ourselves just a teeny bit more (because we are amazing and we KNOW we will succeed!) and it goes on and on and we find ourselves like that quintessential hamster on it’s wheel. Sure, it’s fuzzy wuzzy and adorable but it’s exhausted!

And doesn’t the cutie hamster deserve a break to celebrate all of those hamster wheel spins it’s already completed!?!

This “Now, now, NOW!” consciousness not only exhausts us, but also contributes to feelings of inadequacy.   Think about it; always rushing to do more + not taking the time to acknowledge all we’ve done + forever thinking of all the many other task before us = “I’m not enough.  I feel like I’m totally failing.”  It’s a small feeling.  When, in fact, we’re totally WINNING.  We just haven’t taken a moment to acknowledge it.

All this hurrying and inadequacy thinking causes us to contract.  How uncomfortable!  The more there is to do, the more we rush, the more itty bitty we feel. Our muscles literally contract and we feel so wittle that our life experiences are directly affected.  Our approach to life contracts.  Thoughts of time and inadequacy creep in and we are cheated out of a true sense of self.  It’s rather limiting, dontcha think?

Luckily, these thoughts and feelings are just mind tricks, and we’re stronger than those mean old tricks!!! Let’s focus on what’s real here, and that is YOU – beautiful, amazing, successful YOU!!! Look at you!!! You have already come so far to get here!! You have already done so much!!!

To combat that icky, limiting, contracted feeling try taking a deeeeeeeep breath. Fill your lungs, let your tummy expand, let every bit of you EXPAND!!!  Stretch it out! We’re talking spaciousness and expansion here, yo! These things are WAY bigger than any menial task, to-do list or anxiety you may have weighing on ya.  YOU are way bigger than that made-up time/space continuum!

Breathe please, and remind yourself of all the beautiful, infinite possibilities that lay before you whether or not you finish the task at hand. That’s the important part – YOU!!  You celebrating how *fantastic* you are and relishing in the fact that NOTHING can change that. Not space, not time, NOTHIN’! Revel in the fact that you can take up as much space as you like and then go ahead and acknowledge how huge and important you truly are.

Try slowing down and creating for more spaciousness in your life. Slow down to expand your consciousness. To transcend that made-up time thingy.  Know what’s cool?  Research shows that using this trick, you’ll likely get even more done in a day!  But I’m passing it on to you, because you will definitely feel more calm, more relaxed and more open to all of everything wonderful.   As you’re slowing down, take a moment in between tasks to celebrate the accomplishment of the previous task and acknowledge yourself for the powerful badass you really are!

Slowing down helps you jump off that hamster wheel and opens you up to all the infinite possibilities that exist out there in this beautiful world. Please take a moment to stop and celebrate YOU and all of the successes that you have already achieved but haven’t patted yourself on the back for yet. You are worth it and you know it!!! Lemme know how it feels in the comments below!

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