What Happens When We Die?

Posted on: Oct 21, 2015

What happens when we die?

Not a week goes by that I don’t get asked this question! Many of you come in after loosing a beloved. You’ve been referred to me by a friend that was in your shoes not long ago. Death is an inevitable part of this journey and yet so mysterious, taboo, and often disturbing. Sure enough, after our session and connecting with your beloved, you leave feeling at peace, assured, and even inspired! Here’s generally what happens.


More often than not, when our loved ones pass, they transition into the afterlife before reincarnating into their next lives. Most of you come in to connect with them a few weeks, months, sometimes years after they’ve passed and by that time they are enjoying the state of pure bliss that is the afterlife. You’re often apprehensive and worried about what messages you’ll receive and almost afraid to even ask if they suffered or are currently suffering. It’s often the very first question the moment we connect,


“Are you okay? Do you remember being in pain? I hope you didn’t suffer too much,” you say as you brace yourself for the worst.


Immediately, the air in the room changes and most of you feel it! You feel light, elated, and uplifted!  Often times your body temperature drops and you’re moved to tears. The treatment room turns into a portal to infinite serenity and eternal bliss. Your loved one is just fine and has no recollection of suffering. Phew and WOW. The dialogue that commences thereafter is always so beautiful, heartfelt, humorous and saturated with love, acceptance and light.


When I first started connecting with spirits, I loved it so much I had a hard time coming back to my human experience. You know that feeling right after an orgasm? That feeling of pure surrender, euphoria, peace, stillness and ecstatic motion all in one? It’s that deep meditative state where it’s almost like your body has disappeared completely and you are everything and everything is you.


Imagine going from that expansive existence to a crash landing back to the confines of the human experience and the limits of the human body. Back to having a heavy body to carry around, feed and tend to, back to a mind full of worry thoughts, stress, the rat race, etc… It’s like going from floating in zero gravity and allowing water and the substances of life to carry you to feeling the elements of physics, gravity, and your body mechanics with each and every step, action and thought. It’s an intense contrast, to say the least!


I’m illustrating this to offer you solice that your loves are likely loving the afterlife and at complete peace. I’m also taking the time to describe it so you can imagine it, tap into it, and experience it for yourself and create yourself heaven on earth!


Of course, there are the spirits that have not fully transitioned into that realm of consciousness. Regardless of how long ago they passed, they haven’t fully let go of their human experience and their souls are lingering in the space between this realm and that realm. Although they are now formless, they still identify as human beings and are still attached to all their human thoughts, feelings, and opinions. They are trying to make sense of it all, withholding acceptance and compassion from themselves, holding onto expectations and specific outcomes to help alleviate them of their guilt. In short, they’re still “living” in the past and it’s causing them much grief.


When connecting with these spirits, the room feels heavy and dark, the air is thick and sticky, and time goes by more slowly. When this happens, we do our best to offer them permission to let go and embrace their new way of being. We offer them forgiveness and describe to them what happens when they surrender and accept – how beautiful the afterlife is and that they will experience the peace they are analytically seeking and it will all make sense. Looking in the past for the answers will only prolong the suffering, while accepting and surrendering to the present offers them freedom, light, bliss and all the insight they can’t possibly tap into from their current perspective.


Sometimes it takes a while for them to believe it gets better. Think about the way you feel when you’re fixated on something. That stubborn energy is heavy and keeps us stuck. When the being is ready and looking for peace no matter what – when the desire for peace is greater than the desire for understanding – they gracefully transition and, again, the treatment room turns into a portal to infinite bliss and possibilities! We usually cheer, exhale, and are moved to tears by the entire experience. It’s touching, humbling, inspiring, and tremendously healing for all.


Now that you know of the peace, bliss, and ease that comes with fully transitioning into the next realm of consciousness, don’t you want that? Is there something in your life you’re still ruminating over, trying to figure out, holding onto in hopes of ease or clarity? Any parts of yourself you’d like to let die and so your next self can be re-birthed? Any thoughts, patterns, behaviors you’re ready to surrender, so you may transition into a more evolved, lighter, wiser version of yourself?


I know I want this transition for you! It’s all I want for you!


You can live in heaven on earth,

you magnificent beacon of light, you!


Below are my two fave ways of getting there! You can alternate between the two, as one is all about healing the past, letting it go, surrender to the process and the other will reveal to you all that is waiting for you on the other side! Both will shift energy, but in different ways, so I suggest you do both to fully complete the cycle.


They are both meditation recordings that are available for you in our shop! Easy peasy! Take some time to yourself, light a candle, close your eyes, and shift some energy because you know you so deserve it!

Because I so want this for you and want it for you while the fall season is calling for it, I’m offering these two recordings to you for FREE from now until the Winter Equinox on December 22nd.  Please take a moment to work with nature right here and now and magify the healing effects of these recordings while the timing is rigged in your favor!


Healing the Past


Can’t make sense of that funky shit? Then don’t! Recreate it, instead! In the way you wish it was! It’s incredible how effective this exercise is in healing the past, offering ourselves all the love we needed then and now. The shift in energy offers us peace, grace, presence and the ability to fully connect with our pure potential!


Your Future Now


Here is where your mind, body, and spirit get to experience what’s waiting for you on the other side of this wonderful transition! This is so inspiring! It trains our subconscious minds to trust that it’s all working out and that we can have it all, making it that much easier for us to consciously move towards the next step!


Who’s ready for ascension? Let us know all about your experience, what you’re letting die and who you’re becoming on account of it in the comments below!