It seems most of us resist change, even though it’s the only constant. Most of us tend to fear death and tread lightly around the subject matter, even though we’re all guaranteed experiencing it at least once (and even more likely multiple times) before we, ourselves, die.
The Importance of Death
It seems most of us resist change, even though it’s the only constant. Most of us tend to fear death and tread lightly around the subject matter, even though we’re all guaranteed experiencing it at least once (and even more likely multiple times) before we, ourselves, die.

Here in NYC, the evidence of death is all around us. It’s Fall, the leaves are starting to turn, and die, and are dropping to the ground. The trees know what’s up.   In order for there to be rebirth in the Spring, for new beginnings and new growth to take place, we must first allow all the old ways of being die. It’s the the most organic way to make manifest all we desire.

Fall is the season for death, dying, grieving, mourning, surrender, and, yes, sadness. These are all natural experiences that keep us in health and keep us moving forward with the flow of life. The death and loss that occurs this season creates a beautiful clear space for all our dreams to land on in the Spring.

In this blog post I’ll talk about death as a concept, a natural phenomena and guide you in embracing it, as this season calls for it. In the next blog post, I’ll go into more specific details from our spirit friends and all I’ve witnessed when connecting to thousands of beings that have passed to help relate the invaluable wisdom of death and it’s purpose in our lives.

I so appreciate growing up Persian because there’s such a strong reverence for Rumi, Hafiz and Sufism in our household. I grew up with so much poetry that invited me to die. That asked me to die, knowing that death is just a synonym for rebirth. We can only become our next selves by letting go of our current or past selves.


Most of us want the rebirth and the life upgrade without the death and shedding of old skin. Cute. And also, impractical.

Us humans are nature becoming aware of itself.   We are no different than the trees we’re surrounded by. We must let our old habits, thought patterns, ways of being, all that we identify with die so we can fully embrace our rebirths in the Spring. It’s cool! This is the exact season for loss so it’s easiest if you synch up with your environment and consciously let all your dead leaves drop now! The universe is conspiring with you!

Let go of all that shit from 2015, 2014, and years past, all that work-related stress, romance-related ideals, childhood traumas, etc. die a peaceful death!

Being unattached is key. I’ll introduce a few exercises to help you out! Before implementing them, think about surrendering to the process. Trust everything to work out, even if you can’t possibly fathom how it will all work out or who you’ll become after letting as much go. Now isn’t the time for understanding (that’s the Winter season), now is a time for clearing!


Letting the dead leaves drop can be emotional, confusing, or sad, and that’s okay. You’ll be mourning your old self and old life, so please be gentle with yourself. Journal about it! Learn about yourself through all the feelings and thoughts coming up!

The feelings and discomfort are temporary, the insight and growth are permanent.

Below are a couple of practical ways to let it all go and let your past self die. In my next blog post, I’ll share even more! We’ve got all season to do this!:


  1. De-clutter your home. As you’re cleaning out your closets and drawers and letting go of all that material stuff that represents your past self and not exactly your current self, think, “I am cleaning out the rooms of my mental house. I am letting the dead leaves drop.”

Shifting energy on the physical plane, will surely shift energy on the metaphysical plane. Play some music, light some intense and have fun with it! Think of all the space you’re creating for all the new! If you’d like to take it to the next level, you can think about who that item represents and what you’re really breaking up with.

Example: Getting rid of a pair of jeans that used to fit back in the day and you’re hoping will fit someday! Let. It. Go. If it’s tough, ask yourself why? What are you letting go of, really? It might just be that you’re letting go of hope that you’ll ever become that size again. It may feel sad, even discouraging. It’s a loss, feel free to grieve it. Trust the process.

If you dig deeper, you may find you are also letting go of conditional love. You could be letting go of withholding love and worth from yourself until you become that specific size. You could be offering yourself UNCONDITIONAL LOVE right here and now by letting go of those jeans that don’t fit your current self and really don’t serve a purpose in your currently life.

Of course, the truth about conditional love may not hit you over the head and that’s okay. Just let the dead leaves drop. The insight of why it’s as important will surely follow.


  1. This is one of my favorite writing exercises! It’s a completion exercise, because it always comes full circle.


Just as our bodies decay and transform into insect food when we die, our thoughts can transform into great fuel if we allow them to die. I recommend this writing exercise ALL THE TIME for anyone having a hard time letting go of a belief pattern, a habit, a person or situation. It’s incredibly powerful at transforming the energy from harmful to useful!


Please do practice these and let us know in the comments below how you feel after letting the dead leaves fall!

Check back to read more on this very topic!


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