What Your Allergies Say About Your Boundaries

Posted on: May 30, 2017

What I love about Chinese Medicine and energy work in general, is that there is no separation of mind, body, and spirit. To even suggest that they’re part of a whole is inaccurate – they are one. 

If you think about your allergies, it’s your immune system “over-reacting” to something in the environment. I say over-reacting, because a more appropriate reaction would be to keep the allergen out of your body without attacking your body. They’re not only keeping the environment out, they’re serving to disconnect us from the outside world. If you have them, doesn’t it feel like a barrier between you and your life? 

What’s cool is that acupuncture and Chinese Medicine recognize your immune system as your energetic boundaries. It’s the first part of you to interact with your environment. Your immune system acts as your buffer, bodyguard, or happy healing enteurage that protects you from the pollutants and toxicity of your environment. They look at the pollen, mold, and chemicals and are like, “Stop right there. I have a magical temple to protect. Who are you? What are you offering? Are you safe to let in?” 

I have found that the higher we vibrate, the more we’re “allergic” to foods, skin products, environments, thoughts, and people. When our bodies are set to “peace, love, and optimal health,” it can be pretty challenging to navigate through a world of chaos, frustration, and illness. 

As the contrast between the internal and external environments grow, so must our boundaries. Our boundaries must change in order to protect us and keep us in integrity. If too much outside stuff gets in, we lose seniority in our own space. Suddenly, it’s all the other stuff running the show rather than our highest selves or our authentic light.

Growing up I used to want to be “tougher.” I was so sensitive and would cry if ever I witnessed any bullying or harshness happening in my environment. I thought this was a sign of weakness. I now know it was my white blood cells, spirit guides, and lymphatic warriors protecting me and offering me a buffer so I didn’t go down the rabbit hole that was my environment. I felt so distant from my outside world and life, that I built my own internal world, relying strongly on my immagination. I got used to entertaining myself and becoming besties with *me.* I was forced into building healthy boundaries, which in turn reduced my allergic response year after year! 

What are your allergies trying to say to you? If they’re over-reacting to your environment, take a step back and look at what experiences you’re letting in. Is there anything “toxic” about your daily life? A person, situation, mold, pollen, or something energetic or tangible? Perhaps your allergies are actually protecting you and offering you an excuse to skip that lunch, have somebody else pick up the kids, or leave work on time. 

With great boundaries, we’re able to maintain our happy, healthy homeostasis within our bodies and auras while walking through life, toxicity, pain, and trauma. We won’t be phased by it! Not emotionally, not physically.

The stronger our energetic and psychological boundaries, the less allergy symptoms we experience. I wrote about what supplements to take during allergy season here (Quercetine, Co-Q10, Vitamin D, & Neti Potting). In our “How to Block Bad Vibes” video series, we go over a few ways to build that internal environment of love and light so your light is greater than your environment. This is great for empaths all year long! 

We also have a separation tool at Nuurvana to help reinforce our boundaries and immune system! It’s as simple as watching an object of your choice rotate around you absorbing all the environmental toxicity so you don’t have to! This separation tool will help you maintain your healthy, peaceful microcosm when exchanging with the macrocosm. Click play and enjoy!

A personal fave of mine when working on my boundaries is, “If it’s not a ‘FUCK YAS!’ then it’s a ‘hell NO!’” If every single cell in my body isn’t dancing at the possibility of that experience, I won’t do it! Will you?

Love, light, and insight,