Chakras: You Spin me Right Round like a Record!

Posted on: Mar 20, 2015


Chakras: You Spin me Right Round like a Record!

In this modern world, it seems as though most of us have heard of chakras. But even though we may know about them, that doesn’t mean that we know how to tap into the energy that runs through our body every single moment of every single day. Below is a super general overview on chakras and a beginners guide to navigating your energy body. I go into more specifics and details of each of the 7 main chakras in another blog post.

Chakra is an ancient Sanskrit word for “wheel.” Chakras are like wheels; they spin in our body at key points creating energy vortexes. At each of these key points there is an inner wheel that spins clockwise and an outer wheel that spins counter-clockwise. In this way, we use them to both receive from the world and radiate out to the world. Cool stuff, right? The body acts like an antenna receiving energy, vibrations, and different frequencies. We are all energetic beings, after all. Anything on this planet broken down to its smallest component is simply energy in motion – including YOU!

There are seven main chakras and a ton of other smaller ones at our joints. Chakras are often represented as wheels or funnels of different colors, because just as colors of a rainbow represent different frequencies at which light moves, each chakra is tuned to a different frequency to be able to take in from and give out energy to the world.

When this energy is in motion, we are healthy. Should our chakras slow or stagnate, we start to feel it in the form of pain, discomfort, or suffering. This kind of suffering can take many forms whether physically, spiritually, mentally, or emotionally. There is always an energetic component to pain or discomfort, regardless of how that pain manifests (physical or emotional).

For this reason, it’s helpful to understand our energy centers so we can regulate them and prevent pain or treat pain at its deepest level.

Think of your chakras as little airports in your body. Lots of travelers (energy, vibrations) coming in and out, and they are all on their way to somewhere else in the world. Maybe they are going to Sydney to see an Opera, or maybe they are going to an island to go surfing. Everything is fine as long as the airport to running smoothly and everyone is getting on their flights on time, but when there are delays or cancellations then passengers get upset and they complain to the staff! Then they miss their flight and no one is happy.

So how do we keep everything on time in our little airports? Have you heard of “Spinning your Chakras?” This simple practice that you can do will help keep things moving along and help prevent stagnation and suffering. Keeping your chakras spinning will also keep you PRESENT. It’ll release the past and get you connected to right here and now. So it’s a good idea to check in with them and make sure they are spinning!

As mentioned earlier, there are seven main chakras. They go from the tip of our sacrum (tailbone) to the top of our head. The bottom one is your first chakra and the top one is your seventh chakra. They are often associated with the colors of the rainbow – bottom being red and top being violet. Let’s just try and visualize them, feel them out. See if you can tell when you’re spinning yours and when it’s stopping. Remember, energy follows intention.

Let’s take the fourth chakra for example. Try closing your eyes and focusing on this spinning wheel in the center of your chest that is associated with the color green. This is your heart chakra. See if you can imagine the green wheel spinning. It can be as simple as a sketch drawing you’re picturing, just a green whirl, or you may be able to feel it more easily than you can see it.

Do you got it? For experiential fun, close your eyes again and focus on that wheel spinning around your heart. Now try spinning this chakra super fast. Can you feel it? Now take a deep breath and try sloooowing it down so it almost stops. Can you see or feel that? How about try expanding it’s diameter to be the size of your entire chest. How does that look or feel? Comfy? Familiar? Totally weird and foreign? What about reducing it to the size of a quarter? Do you notice a difference? Play around with it until you find a perfect fit for you right here and now. As you learn about the different chakras, try doing this with all seven. Again, energy follows intention. If you’re focusing on it, you’re doing the work! Regardless of whether or not you’re seeing or feeling it.

As you are focusing, try to notice when they stop or stagnate, try to see if they are balanced or if any one is more dominant than the others. Play around with them and try and keep them all balanced and spinning. Take some time to do this every morning and let me know how it feels or what you come up with! It will benefit your health mentally, emotionally, physically, and SPIRITUALLY. It will keep you in the moment, has the ability to heal past pain and prevent future pain. It will also help you keep in the natural flow of life. Let me know how it goes in the comments below or on our Facebook Nuurvana fan page, please!

Next up- a more detailed breakdown of the 7 chakras to help your practice!