Help Tips To Get Through Fall

Posted on: Mar 20, 2015

In Chinese Medicine, fall is all about letting go of what no longer serves us. It’s a time for introspection and healthy mourning. Death to clear space for the rebirth. What this means is that some of you may be feeling like you’re in a funk.

Fall gotcha feeling funky?! I have a few suggestions for you!

1. Vitamin D Supplement. This is the time of year when I start really pushing the Vitamin D! We’re starting to get less sun light, so we need it in supplement form. I use Thorne here at the office and have already sent a few of you home with some!

Vitamin D will help your thyroid, energy levels, your immune system, and mood. Try it and lemme know how it goes! While it’s usually safe to start out with 10,000 IUs of it, def consult a health care provider before self-prescribing.

The incredible Heidi Lovie,L.Ac. that works here at Nuurvana has written this comprehensive article on Vitamin D.

2. If old stuff is coming up, try this Completion Exercise! It’ll empower you, highlight the lessons and gifts of that past experience, and neutralize the charge of the matter so you may feel liberated from the pull it may have over you.


3. Skin Brushing! It literally lets go of dead skin cells. The fall season belongs to the Metal Element in Chinese Medicine and controls the skin. You best believe physically letting go of dead skin cells will energetically open up space for your healthy conscious “death” so you may rebirth consciously (in the Spring time). Plus, it helps boost your immune system so you don’t catch a cold.


4. Get in here, already! We’ll help shed some light on whatever is coming up for you right now, treat your allergies or cold, and help realign you so that Fall is a beautiful time of letting go and honoring your spiritual evolution process! (Remember, we now offer Astrology readings, too! Whoo!)


Or perhaps you have some suggestions of your own… let us know by posting your comments to this blog post or on our Facebook page!


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