In the summer of 2004 I was waiting tables at a Chili’s in Stockton, California. Our new manager, Kayhan, was clairvoyant. In passing he’d love to tell us a bit about about ourselves – “Don’t worry about your mom, she’ll be fine,” and other stuff like that.
How I Became an Intuitive Acupuncturist
In the summer of 2004 I was waiting tables at a Chili’s in Stockton, California.  Our new manager, Kayhan, was clairvoyant.  In passing he’d love to tell us a bit about about ourselves – “Don’t worry about your mom, she’ll be fine,” and other stuff like that.  Not gonna lie, I was creeped out at first.  But also moved to tears with every encounter with this man so I was curious to learn more.  He became my first spiritual guru and taught me the very psychic development tools I now teach in Nu IT!

Did I know I was psychic before this training?  Uh, no.  I just thought I was cray.  I’d wake up happy, then walk into a room and start crying, then when a new person entered the room I’d feel completely different and so on.  I felt so many things all the time and it would fluctuate from moment to moment depending on my environment, the situation and who was in it.  I was an energy sponge and had no clue that’s what was happening!

Kayhan guided me, helped me cultivate my own energy, understand other people’s energies and soon enough I was focusing and translating energy.  I was in control, not the energy.  Jeeze, what a relief!  And a confidence booster!  And a greater understanding of myself and others and my PURPOSE.    While I’d always known I was a healer and meant to be of service to others, I had limited myself (and myself expression) to believing that this meant being a dentist (so funny, right?).  In fact, I was also dental assisting while serving tables at the time I met Kayhan.

After recognizing and validating my energy body and my intuition everything change.  I applied to acupuncture school instead of dental school for starters!  Moved back to San Diego where I continued my intuitive training and went to Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.   Unsurprisingly, the only person I’m still in touch with from the intuitive training program is the only other acupuncturist who was taking it, Jaime.  She also be my T.A. at the time (coincidence?!).

Jaime (who is now the Campus Director of our school) and I became fast friends.  We started reading each other regularly and before I knew it she had referred ALL her friends over to me for readings.  It was so fun!  I loved it so much and since I still just crafting my skill I wasn’t charging for readings. . . which Jaime put an end to real quick! In fact, she single-handedly launched my career as a professional intuitive.  The week I made more money in readings than I did serving tables is the  week I *finally* surrendered to my calling.

As divine timing should have it, I was blessed enough to learn my new trade through an intuitive filter.  School made SOOO much sense to me!  Sitting in lecture didn’t feel like learning, it felt like experiencing energy in motion.  I saw, felt, and intuitively recognized the acupuncture channels before developing a cognitive understanding of them and how they work.  School put words to my entire life experience!  It was really a course in mySELF more than it was one in Chinese Medicine for me.  But, hey, I am the microcosm of the macrocosm that is acupuncture theory.

By my 7th semester (of a 4 year program) I was not only a professional clairvoyant intuitive, but I was already cultivating and practicing my Intuitive Acupuncture Method on my closest friends.  In fact, my first Intuitive Acupuncture guinea pig was the very friend I had cultivated my psychic development with way back in Stockton. (Becky is also the one who set up my interview at PCOM for me before I was ready to accept my calling… and is still a current Nuurvana client here in NYC!) Thanks to her and the support of many other guinea piggy friends I graduated as not only an acupuncturist, but as an Intuitive Acupuncturist.  In fact, it’s the only type of acupuncture I’ve ever practiced.  All my acupuncture sessions include an intuitive reading thanks to all the angels I’ve had along my path that were compassionate enough to mirror my light and purpose right back to me.

There are actually numerous other details to the story that are so serendipitous, obscure, and auspicious that it still blows my mind thinking about them!  Lots of divine intervention and intersection of free-will and destiny embedded within the story of how I came to be the first ever Intuitive Acupuncturist.  Yet, the common thread within all the chance occurrences is LOVE.  I am because my friends are.  Anais Nin says it best;

Each friend represents a world in us, a world not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.

A new world was born in me when meeting Kayhan, Jaime, Becky and each of my Earth Angels along the path.  And from the cross-over of these worlds, Nuurvana was born.  And you best believe thanks to you and your contribution to this collective consciousness a new Nuurvana is reborn daily.



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