Whooo-hooo, the sex chakra!!! Mmmhmmm, most of us know that information stored in the second charkra has to do with our sexuality, sensuality, and reproductive health. It’s our “I Feel” Chakra.
The Sex Chakra
Whooo-hooo, the sex chakra!!!  Mmmhmmm, most of us know that information stored in the second charkra has to do with our sexuality, sensuality, and reproductive health.  It’s our “I Feel” Chakra. 

Located beneath your belly button at hip level, this is an orange frequency, just a bit faster and lighter than the red first/fear chakra.  Still pretty dense and slow relative to the higher ones.  I mean, sex and reproduction?  We’re still talking some basic primal stuff here!

Oh man, I could go on and on about this chakra!  I can’t even tell ya how often I see old relationships stored here.  It could be an ex you almost never even think about!  Yet, I’ll bet you may still be relating to your current partner (or even to just the thought of relationships) based on your experience with said ex.

Just like all our chakras, keeping this one spinning will keep the energy current so you can be totally present to the relationships you’re in right here and now.  This spinning cone comes out from our lower bellies in front of us as well as out behind us.

It’s not JUST about sex and romantic partners, most all our relationships come from this place.  We have feelings about most people, right?  If you’re super empathic, you’re likely picking up information through your second chakra.  Ever feel super sad because your bestie is in a funk?  Yep, second chakra empathy.  Or have you ever listened to someone’s sob story and gone down the rabbit hole with them?  Yep, second chakra.

If this is happening to you, you may be storing other people’s energy here and crowding yourself it if your very own second chakra! Leading to a roller coaster ride of feelings, overwhelm, insecurities and uncertainties.  Sounds familiar?  Keep reading!

Spinning your second chakra will keep it clean.  It will clear out all the past information so you can make space to receive new information.  Otherwise, the new information will layer on top of the old and this could feel like, “different day, same shit.”

Simply imagine this orange chakra spinning.  It will benefit your relationships, clear past energies, and open you up to being even more creative.  It will also help ya with reproductive or gynecological health.

I’m all about feelings!  I think they can be of service to us and provide us with some real deep insight when explored.  When unexplored, they tend to run the show by either being on over or under drive:

A)  If your second is on overdrive you may be experiencing life as a ball of feelings, which can be totally disconnected from the reality of things as feelings are not facts.   Kinda like being a victim to one’s feelings.

A good rule of thumb is to ask, “What is this feeling really about?”  Hint, it’s often not related to the situation you’re in.  It’s likely that that situation is triggering a thought, feeling, or energy that’s been hanging around for a while.  Gaining insight on it will help ya heal and release it and free you up to experience life here and now!  In this way, our feelings can be soo informative (and fun!)

Avoiding doing this, however, will stagnate our second chakras so we simply react to life situations rather than respond to them.  It’ll limit the range of emotions to just the same few over and over and over again.  I see this happen lots.

For a healthy second chakra (which includes confidence in self and sexuality), please ask yourself, “What’s this feeling really about?”

B) The exact opposite imbalance is when people choose to shut their second chakra down.  Feelings can be really powerful and for some of us that can be a bit much, like disempowering or even cumbersome to have them.  Especially when surrounding goals or agendas.

Second chakra shut down also happens when we experience a tremendous amount of pain early on – maybe more than we believe we are capable of processing so we don’t.  We just shut it off and energetically stop this chakra from spinning or shrink it, as to protect ourselves from feeling ever again.   May work as a coping mechanism for a little bit, but often ultimately leads to intimacy issues, infertility, unhealthy relationships or lack of relationships.

If you have ever been called a robot or “cold,” you may have a second chakra imbalance or shut down.

Good news is that YOU have all the power in your world and you can totes heal and spin your second chakra!

Another cool exercise to keep it spinning is the completion exercise outlined in this past blog post.  Whether you’re afraid of feeling things, feeling like a ball of feelings, or maybe suspicious that you’re harboring some past energy in this space, this exercise is for you!  It will help you connect with your feelings in a totally compassionate, open, honest way and help you access the intuitive information that’s behind them to enlighten and empower you!  Try it out!

Try it out on something or someone big or small to you.  Try it out on a few things!  Try it out so many times that it basically becomes the way you process your feelings and is no longer a writing exercise but is just how you process and navigate yourself through life.  It’s a super helpful one that will keep your second chakra in great health and help ya take in the full spectrum of all life has to offer ya!!!

Exploring, accepting and understanding our feelings will inevitably lead to a healthy libido and sex life.  Two sides to the same second chakra coin.

Lemme know what all you uncover in the comments below or on the Nuurvana fb fan page!

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