It starts with the letting go, actually. I wrote about why we gotta DESTROY TO CREATE in this blog post. In short, gotta destroy the old to free up energy to invest into the new. It’s physics. It’s also found in Hinduism with Gods of Creation and Gods of Destruction.
How To Have It ALL!
Last post, I wrote about my favorite ways to let go the old.  In this post, I’ll share with you my favorite ways to bring in the new!

It starts with the letting go, actually. I wrote about why we gotta DESTROY TO CREATE in this blog post. In short, gotta destroy the old to free up energy to invest into the new. It’s physics. It’s also found in Hinduism with Gods of Creation and Gods of Destruction. In Sufism, it’s the concept of emptying oneself in preparation to fill in oneself. It’s why we pop balloons in Nu IT and why I always follow up Cord Cutting or Grounding with filling in with Golden Suns (all Nu IT tools)!

Practicing this law consciously prevents us from attracting it subconsciously.

So. Now that we’ve destroyed some old stuffs, let’s focus on what we’re calling in!!! Whooo!

One of my favorite Persian New Year (No Rooz) traditions is making wishes and then surrendering them back to nature. We grow grass during the new year to symbolize new beginnings and ease in growth. Growing grass is super easy and reminds us of our true nature, we’re born to grow (and heal)- it’s our NATURE. We really don’t have to try that hard. It’s nice to watch the growth process and be inspired to start new beginnings – knowing they can be just as easy as growing grass.

13 days after the New Year, we take our beautiful, vibrant grass to a body of water. Water symbolizes reflection. We reflect on what we’re calling into the new year. We tie a knot in 3 separate blades of grass while casting 3 separate wishes. It’s usually done alone. It’s a contract between self and nature. It’s a beautiful sacred moment we each get to ourselves.

Once the wishes are made (blades of knots are made in grass), we surrender it all!

We offer the grass back to nature by placing it on the body of water (usually a lake or river) and watch as it floats away. This is our way of acknowledging nature’s influence in our growth. We do our part with the Intention-Setting and by showing up empty and clear, then we allow nature to conspire with us and do it’s part in making manifest all we wish for!

It takes a whole lot of TRUST to let the wishes go, don’t you think? It also takes acceptance and recognition of the divine laws of nature. It’s both humbling and inspiring.

Try it at home!

Wheat grass

Should you choose to go Persian Style with it, you can most definitely gather 3 blades of grass to tie and wish on and then release them on a body of water! Please do take this opportunity to reflect and connect! The day we traditionally do this is 13 days after the Spring Equinox (Persian New Year) on Friday, April 3rd, during a “Seezday Be Dahr” (“13 Out The Door) picnic. It’s a day to let it all go – all the wishes and the last remains of any disserving energies.

Or you may choose a more modern way to wish ☺. The key is the surrender (and TRUST) part. All the below options incorporate this key point:

*You can use the same burning ritual I mentioned last week, and write down your wishes on paper and burn the paper to surrender it all.

*You may write your wishes down on compostable paper then bury them.

*You may write them down and then place them in a sealed “Wish Box,” which you can open up next year to see if they came true!

*You may use the Manifestation Exercise I recorded for you to visualize the experience of calling your desires in.

Regardless of which option you choose, please do incorporate the below manifestation special ingredient to help you materialize all your hearts’ desires! This is the single most crucial ingredient I’ve known in actualizing wishes:


Try feeling your desires in your body and soul as though they’ve already manifested. Focus on what you’re feeling and experiencing and then call that sensation in. This is the key difference between intention setting and goal setting.

Example: You hate your job and want to shift this experience. The obvious wish would be to wish for a new job, yeah?

Goal Setting: Get a new job.


Intention Setting: Intend on experiencing your job like this: “I love going to work. My job is fulfilling and uplifting. I love my co-workers. I feel so inspired by my work.”

Intention-Setting emphasizes the inner world – you are the microcosm. Goal-Setting emphasizes the outer world – the macrocosm. As we know with physics, the microcosm is the macrocosm is the microcosm. The best way for us to influence our external environment (the macrocosm) is to focus on our internal environment (the microcosm).

Setting the intention to a healthy relationship with your work and then surrendering it to the universe can open up a whole world of possibility! Such as a new boss, a promotion to a more desirable work experience, a structure change and so all you hated about work magically disappears, or attracting job offers that match the vibration of your microcosm.

Intention-Setting is a lot more expansive than just focusing on one part of the equation. It incorporates respect and honor for all factors involved, so we can stop the worrying and be at peace with the amount of effort we’re investing into our wishes.

Whereas only focusing on getting a new job is a little bit more of a limited experience. The difference between a good or bad interview could result in the difference between a good or bad day and don’t you deserve a good day no matter what?!

As we do live in a material world, I’d like to point out that Goal-Setting is also important! It’s just not everything. It’s part of the manifestation process many of us know well and so I’m using this opportunity to highlight the other part that may be underdeveloped in the Western World. I’ve noticed in clients, when Intention-Setting takes precedence, the Goal-Setting part is a lot more fun, inspiring and liberating!

Try it out the above suggestions and let me know how it feels in the comments below! When all your wishes come true, please do post them on our Facebook page or in the comments below!

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